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Whether you need assistance in taking that first or next step down the road of Open Source, we are here to help you with our experience in consulting and support. We can provide the direction and guidance that you need to get the most out of Open Source. And we help you build a secure, flexible, integrated, and real-time infrastructure that provides cost savings, agility, and improved security.

Our Open Source portfolio addresses a broad range of enterprise requirements, from identifying assets in your infrastructure that can be effectively migrated to Open Source, to economically and reliably completing your next Open Source software project. Few IT vendors can match the level of Open Source expertise and depth of knowledge that Ewave can deliver today. Imagine it. Done.

Technical Services

As a trusted adviser on Open Source to public and private enterprises, Ewave has an abundance of experience in legacy and open systems. This gives you the confidence to modernize your architecture, integrate existing assets with new Open Source capabilities, and deliver maximum business value. Through Ewave Open and Secure Integrated Solutions (OASIS) services, we offer technical services to address migration, integration, and optimization of Open Source environments.

  • Platform migration services, legacy migration, and modernization services
  • Compatibility testing and validation services
  • Asset alignment and compliance services
Integration (Open Source stacks)
  • Implementation and support services (installation, configuration, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting and resolution
  • Custom certification services
  • Consolidation services
  • Tuning, scalability, and performance services; functionality testing
  • Java application security hardening services

To build an even stronger understanding of the issues associated with Open Source implementation and integration, we’ve been leveraging Open Source components in our own infrastructure. Through this initiative, we have developed unique engineering and technical expertise in operating systems, databases, communications products, middleware, and high-volume, transaction-driven applications. We are well positioned to apply best practices in architecting high-end enterprise solutions to your unique business environment.

Consulting Services

With Ewave Consulting Services, we help you truly understand the complete picture so that you can fully utilize Open Source where you need it most – at the business applications, applications-infrastructure, and technology infrastructure level. By helping to navigate the multitude of available Open Source software products, options, frameworks, and processes, we can provide your enterprise with a range of resources to maximize benefits. Whether it’s baseline consulting services to introduce Open Source to your organization or providing complex middleware solutions for mission-critical operations, Ewave is focused on applying its knowledge in these four main areas:

  • Open Source software strategy and business review (3D Blueprinting Advisory Services)
  • Architectural and design consulting services
  • Implementation services for Open Source software and solutions
  • Migration services from proprietary software to Open Source software

Leveraging our unique 3D Blueprinting methodology, we work with you to identify and isolate business problems or constraints, inspire fresh thinking about those issues, and define the best path to executable solutions in the world of Open Source.


If your business has stringent, mission-critical requirements that demand high availability and reliability, consider seeking support from a leader in providing clients with Open Source service – Ewave. You don’t want to deploy a solution backed by minimal support or service levels that do not provide a response quickly enough to address an issue that can adversely affect your business operations.

Ewave provides global, multi-faceted on-site and off-site support for Open Source deployments across all layers of the application infrastructure, which spans both Open Source and proprietary software components. For Open Source components specifically, the Ewave OASIS framework provides support for the entire stack of Open Source with unprecedented 24x7 datacenter-class support, with one hour response time.

For all Open Source components supported by Ewave, we provide critical fixes, updates, and patch management capabilities, ensuring that all Open Source components are up-to-date, while remaining stable and reliable. Fixes are provided directly to customers via the support website and are also entered into respective Open Source projects, ensuring that the fix becomes part of the on-going development stream.

Ewave offers the same enterprise-level support options for Open Source products as it does for other enterprise-class products, bringing Ewave heritage in mission-critical, trusted support to the Open Source marketplace.

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